Board Members and
Top Awarded Tutors

Saskia Botha


Saskia is a junior at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough, CA. She has been at FTC since summer 2020 and is currently the president of the organization. She hopes to pursue genetics in college.

Anirudh Srikrishna

Vice President, Social Media

Anirudh Srikrishna is a Junior from University High School in Fresno, CA. He has been in charge of FTC’s social media since the beginning of 2022. He hopes to study engineering in college, but is also currently doing work in agriculture.

Joshua Hikida

Chief Technology Officer

Josh is a junior at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough in charge of maintaining Free Tutoring Center's website. He has been tutoring for a year and enjoys programming, playing guitar, tennis, and running in his free time.

Carter Kling

Chief Financial Officer

Carter is a senior at Sacred Heart Prep in Hillsborough, CA. He has been tutoring for 1 year and is in charge of finance and legal matters for FTC. He plays lacrosse in his free time.

Jack Flynn

Head of Scheduling

Jack is a junior at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough. He coordinates the organization of student-tutor sessions and hopes to study economics or medicine in college. Jack enjoys running track and cross country in his free time.

Rohan Dalal

Head of Recruitment

Rohan Dalal is a sophomore at Crystal Springs Uplands School, and in his third year with FTC. He is the Head of Recruitment and enjoys tutoring math and English. In his free time, he likes participating in debate and playing football, soccer, and piano.

Arleen Samra

Social Media

Arleen Samra is a sophomore at University High School in Fresno, CA. She has recently joined FTC in early 2022. She is in charge of FTC’s social media platforms. She hopes to go into law in college.

Top Awarded Tutors

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Joshua Zhong | Lily Zhao | Ronnie Li

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Carter Kling | Chase Cimmet | Max Srivastava | Theo Ebersman

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Ann Ding | Jack Flynn | Jackson Beebe | Joshua Hikida | Max Ebersman

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Anika Marino | Cate Cattano | Farah Caban | Holland Adam | Kallie Lyberopoulos | Katie Sun | Lexi Ramdzyminski | Page Clancy | Rohan Dalal | Saskia Botha | Stephanie Chang | Valentina Espinosa

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Adrian De Vernou | Amanda Lo | Catherine Murphy | Celeste Wang | Emanuel Gomez-Lopez | Lucy Wang