About Us

We aim to lessen the salience of raced and classed achievement gaps in the lives of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. By providing demanding and individualized academic skills, coaching, and one-to-one tutoring at no cost to students' families, we hope to substantively intervene in the academic and personal trajectories of our students.

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Executive Committee

Joshua Hikida

Executive Director and Technology Officer

Anirudh Srikrishna

Executive Director and Legal Officer

Jack Flynn

Operations Officer

Danny Li

Communications Director

Communications Committee

Matthew Morris

Social Media Officer

Rohan Dalal

Recruitment Officer

Allison Xia

Recruitment Officer

Shrey Chettiar

Recruitment Officer

Top Awarded Tutors

Master Tutors - 250+ Hours

Joshua Zhong | Lily Zhao | Ronnie Li

Elite Tier 2 Volunteers - 150+ Hours

Carter Kling | Joshua Hikida | Chase Cimmet | Max Srivastava | Theo Ebersman

Elite Tier 1 Volunteers - 100+ Hours

Ann Ding | Jack Flynn | Jackson Beebe | Max Ebersman

Veteran Volunteers - 50+ Hours

Chase Hikida | Anika Marino | Cate Cattano | Farah Caban | Holland Adam | Kallie Lyberopoulos | Katie Sun | Lexi Ramdzyminski | Page Clancy | Rohan Dalal | Saskia Botha | Stephanie Chang | Valentina Espinosa

Valuable Volunteers - 25+ Hours

Adrian De Vernou | Amanda Lo | Catherine Murphy | Celeste Wang | Emanuel Gomez-Lopez | Lucy Wang